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Journey to GM

What's up guys, I'm looking to raise funds to cover travel expenses while competing in Europe to make GM this summer.

I am the GA State Chess Champion and currently have 4 IM norms!


Any amount of donation would be amazing! 

These are the 4 tournaments I am planning on playing

Serbian Open 7/16-7/24,

Chess Tournament of Kavala, 7/28-8/4, 

Split Open , 8/5-8/13 ,

Bella Italia , 8/17-8/23 , 

All donors will be listed below, if you want to remain undisclosed just let me know!




1.Dilip Aaron

2. Jaylen Lenear

3.Chris Dhanaraj

4.Greg Adamson

5.Bob Peatman

6.Chris Chambers 

7.Pearl Chen

8.Prashanth Podduturi

9.Ritesh/Roopa Varughese

10. Beloved Egbedion

11.Sandeep Shome

12.Jason Benjamin

13.Vivek Singhania

14.Chintan Patel

15.Xaoji Li 

16.Daniel Mingle

17.Madhuri Reddy

18.James Altucher

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