Lessons are taught by NM Deepak Aaron. Generally the coach will come to the students house and teach for 60-120 minutes.

Rates are as follows:

60 minutes - $60 

90 minutes - $75

120 minutes - $120

Private lessons will run as such:

Analyze Tournament Games

10 minute drills

-LOF, Def, Endgames, Trading, etc

Opening Homework

Knight Game

10 +5 game w/ notation

10 minute drills

Streaming/Work on weaknesses

Spreadsheets - Training/Lessons will be tracked and measured each week

Online goals:

When a student gains 100 points online from blitz and puzzles, they get a $10 bonus or food


Training(3 days/week-minimum)

10 Puzzles

Puzzle Rush(x2)

Blitz Games(x3)

Why did I lose?

Analyse games and learn from mistakes


Student gets big reward from parents when their USCF reaches 





For more information email deepaka34@gmail.com