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Quizzes are broken down into 3 categories based off rating and skill level. On the right side will be answer keys for all the quizzes as well as principles on how to think during the game. The more you practice these quizzes the better you will get, and the less you practice the quizzes the more mistakes you will make (mind blowing right?). 

Beginner Opening Quizzes(0-600):

Intermediate Opening Quizzes(600-1400):

Advanced Opening Quizzes(1400+):

This set of quizzes is for more advanced students. The quizzes range from 15-25 questions and go much more in depth.  The quizzes cover Stonewall, French variations, and Stonewall Dutch in depth. 

-Click on the Master Key for all the answers



French + Stonewall Dutch

For my more advanced students, once you've gotten a good base and reached around 1800, I'll teach you the openings I play. These quizzes and keys are for students who play mainline e4

Mainline e4:




French Tarrasch

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