School Programs

School programs are to provide students with a competitive chess environment where they can practice against other students and do different activities to help them improve every aspect of their game. 

To sign your child up, please click the sign up button and fill out the form, thanks!

Current School Programs:

Mountain Park:
Location: Cafeteria
Wesleyan School:
More info TBH

Rock Springs:

Location: Eagle 3 Room #1
Midtown International:
Location: Downstairs Physics Room
Location: Mr.Connelly's Room
Autrey Mills Middle School:
Location: tbh
Important Information:
Pick up will be outside the school, after class. Students will be brought outside.
(Except for McConnell, students will head to homeroom at the bell)
Payments should be made by check to Wolf Chess(1 payment in August, 1 in January)
A monthly weekly newsletter will go out on Sundays with:
-Standings after last week
-Upcoming tournaments in the next month
-How to train/resources
Every student will receive a free Account to practice
Click the button to see Student's logins/Passwords
Students will receive a discount to all WolfChess organized tournaments(Aiming for 1/month)
Any questions or comments
contact Deepak Aaron at

How Chess Club will be run:


15 minutes - Puzzles

15 minutes - Online Practice

20 minutes - Endgame/Playing students Practice

10 minutes - Tournament Game


Reward System

End of the year winner will receive a class champion trophy

Everyone else can redeem the points they earned for candy/prizes

Point System

+5 castling

+2 Tactics


+5 Loss

+5 Draw

+10 Attendance

+30 Tournament win

+50 Playing in a tournament