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Here are all the recommended tournaments in GA for the upcoming 2 months. Click the links for the calendars.

GCA Calendar: 

CCSCATL Calendar:
North Carolina Chess
US Chess national calendar:


January 1-5th-2020 Charlotte Open(

January 4th-CCSCATL Play in the Center 14

January 11-12th-CCSCATL Georgia Scholastic Invitational Championship

January 20th-MLK Scholastic tournament

January 25-26th-CCSCATL 2nd Annual ‘Jammin January

January 25-26th Land of the Sky Asheville, NC 


Feb 1-2nd - Chesstronics Monthly Open - Chesstronics, G/90, 2 day tournament

February 8-9th - CCSCATL 3rd Annual Winter Open, G/90, 2 day tournament (GA)

February 15-16th  -A.C.P. Winter Congress, Interactive College G/120, 2 day tournament (GA)

February 15th - Tama Chess Tournament, TAMA, 1day G/30

February 22nd - CCSCATL G/75

February 22nd - Team State Qualifier East

February 29th - Team State Qualifier West