Great for kids who have never played a tournament before or are still new to chess. Or if you want to just play some rated games and get some practice in. You can come, play as many rounds as you have time for and leave early. Or if you're busy in the morning but have time to play 1 or 2 rounds in the afternoon, just take byes in the morning and come play games when you're free. What's important is getting a rating or playing more rated games to try and increase your rating to get ranked. If you have any questions email

Wolf Chess Scholastic Tournament 


April 4th 2020

U1000, K-8

$20 entry fee(cash or check onsite)

The Wesleyan School, Bowen Cafeteria, Lower School


USCF Rated


1st Place(most points) - $150

2nd Place(2nd most points) - $100


Round 1 - 10am

Round 2 - 11am

Round 3 - 12pm

Round 4 -  1pm

Round 5 -  2pm

Round 6-   3pm


Take a bye as many rounds as you need.

Bye-You skip the round and get half a point.




Must commit byes at least 1 hour before the round. 

Sign up - 



USCF Registration