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Wolf Chess University

Wolf Chess University is a fast paced competitive online group ran by Deepak Aaron with the goal to help people improve, and grow in chess.

Wolf Chess University provides users with online tournaments, training spreadsheets, training matches, and belt ranking systems to keep players motivated and active. 


Discord -$20/month 

Accountability Spreadsheets - Track your daily training and watch the progress of everyone else tracking.
Opening Questions -Have your opening questions answered same day
Cool Games-Show off your cool games, and check out others
Video Requests-If you request specific youtube videos/openings I can
make them, DaaronChess on youtube
Training Matches - Find others your level looking for training partners
FREE Online Tournaments(Thursday 6pm-7pm) Cash Prizes - First tournament is 11/24
Events Calendar- Georgia Chess events calendar White/Blue/Purple/Brown/Black Belt awards

White/Blue/Purple/Brown/Black Belt awards

Sign up and once you make payment you will be emailed the server link 

For more information

Game Review - $30

If you send Deepak Aaron your games beforehand he will take a look and give you feedback

Sparring - $30

If you want to play blitz or anytime control with Deepak Aaron its $30 for 30 min

Please reach out to coordinate time

Opening Requests - $30

If you want to learn an opening reach out to Deepak Aaron and he will make a youtube video and review sheet for you. 

For all inquires reach out to

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