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East Atlanta Chess Championship 3 

5/20,EAV Chess Club

East Atlanta Chess Championship is the 3rd major chess tournament run by the EAV Chess Club. EAV Chess Club is run by 3x Georgia State Champion Deepak Aaron and National Master Carter Peatman. Our goal is to bring chess to the local East Atlanta community and eventually become one of the biggest chess organizations in the country. We are looking for Tier 1-4 sponsors to help subsidize prices and to help promote local businesses to tournament participants.


East Atlanta Championship 2 - (4/23/23) 

-43 players, average entry $40

-$900 dollars in prizes

-$900 fully sponsored by EACA, EABA,
ATK Applications, Ciprian Bodea James Altucher 

-1st Grandmaster participant 

-Newspaper coverage


                                        East Atlanta Championship 3 - (5/20/23)                   

                                            -$1500 in prizes                                                        

                                             -Performance of the night award                             

          -Game of the night award       

-Multiple Grandmasters

                                 Prize breakdown

Championship           B Section               C Section                               

1st - $600                  1st - $400              1st - $200

2nd - $100                 2nd - $100             1st - $100


Sponsorship Packages

Tier 1 - $100 payment -Scoresheets,Banners,Trifolds, Board Numbers, Announcements, Coupons

Tier 2 - $200 payment -  C Section Prize name + Tier 1

Tier 3 - $400 payment -  B Section Prize name + Tier 1

Tier 4 - $600 Championship Prize Name + Tier 1 but more and bigger!

Contact for more information

         Ciprian Bodea - Jacob Minnich - Rama Yalavarthi - James Altucher

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